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Getting Low-Income Students Into Top Universities

Students from low-income families often don’t apply to the best schools in the country. Ivy League universities like Harvard have noticed and are trying to figure out how best to connect with those students.

Yesterday’s show Here & Now featured a story from Houston’s public radio station KUHF that looks at how one program there is tackling this issue head-on.

Houston Program Connects Low-Income Students With Top CollegesROBIN YOUNG, HOST: It’s HERE AND NOW. Harvard recently announced the start of a new campaign to encourage more low-income students to apply to elite schools, which have been criticized for not doing enough to recruit gifted students of little means.

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Technical Hiccups Hinder Online College Applicants

The Common Application program is supposed to help high schoolers apply to multiple colleges via the web. But owing to software snafus, some students haven’t been able to apply to schools or correctly send text or process credit card charges, among other problems. That’s according to The New York Times.

It’s a problem that arose at this week’s school board meeting in Plano, where the Dallas Morning News blog reported the district’s high number of advanced-placement test takers makes the district the “envy of the nation,” at least according to a Plano ISD representative.

Plano school officials say they’re helping students overcome the problems.