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Rebecca McGuire (middle) is shown here with some of the children she taught in Seville, Spain as part of an international student teacher exchange at the University of North Texas.

Future Teachers Hone Their Skills Abroad

Nearly 20 percent of all Texas public school students don’t speak fluent English. The challenge for teachers is how to communicate with these students and help them learn. A group of future teachers from the University of North Texas got some practice recently by traveling to Seville, Spain.

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Yolanda Bautista has lived in Grapevine for 13 years. She says she welcomes a language assessment center because she would like to talk to school officials about how her two sons -- Abraham, 10 and Daniel, 7 -- are doing in learning English.

New Language Center Will Assist Immigrant Families In Grapevine-Colleyville District

When families arrive from another country, school districts have to determine a student’s home language and explain to parents how the school system here works. We look at how one suburban school district is opening a center similar to those found in larger, urban districts.

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Pablo Valverde, 85, drives to his ESL class every morning. He's always on time and usually wears one of several hats his daughter gave him. He says he'll keep going to school for as long as he's able to.

‘It’s Never Too Late To Learn,’ Says 85-Year-Old Student Studying English

Learning a new language isn’t easy. It’s even harder if you haven’t been to school in decades. That hasn’t stopped 85-year-old Pablo Valverde, who’s setting an example for his younger classmates.

The KERA Radio story

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