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Ricky Rijos

Class of 17: Halfway Through Ninth Grade

Earlier this year, we introduced you to a diverse group of students making the transition from middle school to ninth grade. The series, called Class of 17, is part of a nationwide public broadcasting initiative called American Graduate.

So far, we’ve met a student battling a life-threatening disease, one struggling with math and others who’ve had to move around. You’ll hear more from these students and meet new kids in the coming months through graduation — or whatever comes next.

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Jerry Harris

Update: Class Of ’17’s Jerry Leaves Texas

One of KERA’s Class of ’17 high school freshmen, Jerry Harris, injured his foot on vacation and and is wearing a “boot” these days until it heals. He’s certainly not doing what he loves: shooting hoops.

But when he does again, it won’t be at Coppell High School. That’s because he’s decided to spend the year living with his dad in Oklahoma — and hopefully playing basketball at Plainview High in Ardmore. Jerry’s mom, Susie Evans, tells us in an email that she, Jerry and his divorced father started discussing the move this summer.

We’ll check in with Jerry again soon.

Jerry Harris

Spending The Summer Off School, But Under Contract

Like most 14-year-olds, Jerry Harris is out of school for the summer. That means time to take it easy and hang out with friends. But for Jerry, it also means a contract — one that he wrote — to start many mornings at 5:30 a.m. and, as he printed in block letters, to “WORK.”

Jerry’s one of the students KERA is following all the way through high school in the series Class of ’17, part of the station’s American Graduate initiative. And as tough as that summer contract might be, even tougher is what comes in just three weeks: high school.

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