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Kelly And Ricky From The Class Of ’17 Make Their Teams

When we last talked to Ricky Rijos Jr. for KERA’s Class of ’17 project, the freshman at Flower Mound High confidently figured he would make one of two freshman basketball teams, and he has. It’s just not clear which one yet. He’s relatively short for now, but 9th graders have been known to grow. He belongs to a traveling team and works hard on his shooting, which he concluded would be at least one plus for the team.

Kelly Bowdy, our freshman at Fort Worth’s O.D. Wyatt, has made the varsity volleyball team. She played basketball in middle school, and will try out at Wyatt when basketball season arrives.

When we know about Jerry Harris, another high school basketball hopeful, we’ll be back. All three students have been featured in our Class of ’17 series, part of KERA’s American Graduate initiative.

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Class Of ’17: ‘Coachable’ And Heading To High School

On this first day of school for most kids across Texas, KERA’s Class of ’17 is starting high school. We’re following a group of North Texas students from 8th grade all the way to graduation. Today, we catch up with Ricky Rijos Jr., who’s kicking off his freshman year at Flower Mound High.

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