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Three different community meetings on the Dallas schools home-rule effort roll out tonight.  If enough people sign petitions, the school district could be forced to change how it’s run and how it’s governed.  But some who strongly back school reform efforts don’t yet back this one.

Mark Melton chairs the Educate Dallas PAC. He favors education reform, but is wary about the Support Our Public Schools effort

Bill Zeeble/KERA

Mark Melton chairs the Educate Dallas PAC. He favors education reform, but is wary about the Support Our Public Schools effort

Attorney Mark Melton chairs the 3-year old Educate Dallas political action committee, which has given thousands of dollars to reform-minded school board candidates, including trustee Mike Morath. Morath likes home rule, saying it would free DISD from some rules he says hurt the district, like not enough school days especially in the summer.  The organization behind the home-rule move, ,which is called Support Our Public Schools, is led by Wilton Hollins, a board  member of  Educate Dallas. But Melton says that doesn’t mean his PAC supports this plan.

“We were not involved in formation of the organization,” says Melton. “Our input wasn’t requested.  And so we’ve recently been looking at this just trying to evaluate what home rule is, what options that it provides or doesn’t provide, and whether it’s a good idea”

Melton says it could be great, or awful. But no one knows what a new charter would look like. One big worry is the potential elimination of elected school board members who could be replaced by appointed ones.

“The thought of some kind of significant change there obviously causes us a lot of concern,” explains Melton. “And we would want to evaluate closely what that proposal would be to see if it’s in the best interest of the kids of DISD. Because ultimately that’s the constituency we all should be worried about.”

Another big concern is timing. Melton points out that the Dallas school district is a billion dollar-plus operation, with 20,000 employees reaching more than 160,000 kids. Support Our Public Schools wants the required 5,000 signatures gathered by May or so, because  a new charter must be written from scratch, okayed by the state, and readied for the November ballot by mid-August.

“If I were going to run a business,” Melton says, “and largely we represent the business community, and we were going to overhaul an organization the size of DISD, I don’t think we would find too many examples of overhauls that would happen in this short of a time frame.”

Melton says people should be nervous about home rule without more information.  He likes that improving Dallas schools may now be discussed city wide. But warns that a rush towards what could be a bad decision might end up harming the kids everyone wants to help.

Meeting at 6 pm – hosted by Southeast Dallas Hispanic Chamber, at  Eastfield College Pleasant Grove Campus, Room 108/109
802 South Buckner Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75217

Meetings at 7 PM – True Lee Missionary Baptist Church, host Rev. Don Parish.  3907 Bertrand Ave, Dallas, Texas 75210

Preston Royal Branch Public Library, hosted by Representative Jason Villalba. 5626 Royal Ln. Dallas Texas 75229

  • NorthDallasVoter

    As a North Dallas resident and long time public schools supporter, parent, & volunteer, I am heartened by Mark Melton’s cautionary words. He is the first person to be quoted to successfully articulate my own thoughts so precisely. Thank you for this interview and thank you Mr. Melton for expressing your rationale on this issue.